Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Custom in ancient Rome and Victorian times

 Now again is the time of Valentine's day. However, do you know the Valentine's day custom in ancient Rome and Victorian times? Today, I will share some interesting Valentine's day customs with every serious true lovers.

 For singles and romantic people, the Valentine's day is a day which need more caution. As it recorded by legend,you will be single all the year if the first people you saw walked alone on Valentine's day; You will definitely find your sweetheart if you see two people or more walked together; You wll marry before  "Christmas Day" if you see a rooster and a hen. However, there are few chicken appearing in today's courtyard, there will be no chicken in the downtown space. So it can reach the same effect if you can see one pair of pigeon or sparrow.

 People began to use two half-opened flowers to predict marriage status from the ancient Rome to Victoria era. The unmarried men and women plant two half-opened flowers, the first alphabet of the flower name must be same with the first letter of the couple's name. The couple will be happy all the life time if the two flower open crossly; The couple will split with each other if the flower open with opposite direction. The future family will have a flourishing population if the flower open in full bloom. If one of the two flowers languishes or die, then one of the couple will leave the world earlier.

 Bachelors pay much attention to the first people they meet in Valentine's day morning since you will marry the first people you meet on Valentine's day if you are single and looking the life partner or at least that people will play an important part in your life. If you are not shy, you can call the person of your heart in the morning and request taking his/her car to go to work.

 Single ladies believe that it they put shoes in a "T" shape and open the window,they will be likely to dream of the one on her heart or find him standing beside her bed. It has more successful rate in countryside since her suitors can peek the shoes from the window.

 Lovers in Italy believe that they will be blessed by God of love if they put "little love note" on the "Juliet love wall".

 Sing love song is one form to express love, sometimes men will propose marriage by singing love song, it will be more often to be seen on such special day like Valentine's day.


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