Thursday, April 2, 2015

Australian Millionaire Matchmaking Company Points out Millionaire’s Mate Selection Standard: Gorgeous or Economically Independent

Please don’t think that wealthy single millionaires can easily find their life partners. Although they are handsome, rich, they still rely on millionaire match making company to introduce suitable mate to them since they are almost fully occupied by work. Tracey Langdon, founder of the “millionaire club” pints out that ladies who own attractive appearance or are economically independent are most able to attract the attention of a millionaire.

The 40-year-old millionaire Mike claims that he has very simple mate selection conditions according to report. He only requires a healthy, honest and down to earth lady. However, he is still single. They can’t date just like ordinary people since they are so busy at work.
Beauty and Big Diamond
Hoping to find suitable mate, Mike chooses an millionaire matchmaking company named “millionaires club” who specializing in solving marriage problems for millionaire

personals.  “ There are many factors which are more important than wealth when choosing spouses”, said by Mike. He does not require the other part being as wealthy as himself.

Regards to Mike’s choice, Langdon who have 7 years millionaire matchmaking experiences, points out that if Mike doesn’t require his spouse to be wealthy, then he’ll definitely hope she own very attractive appearance.  Langdon said that there are two kinds of ladies who can attract millionaires mostly. One kind is those gorgeous ladies who own very attractive appearances; the other is those who can be financially independent.

Langdon said, “some customers don’t care other part’s occupation, they are just simply looking for their favorite female. What’s more, such kind of ladies are usually very young and gorgeous; while other kind of customers hope to find women who are financially independent because their own economy will not be affected if their marriage splits.

It is worth mentioning that their other part’s financial status is more important than appearance for those rich single ladies when seeking spouses.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Secrets of a successful millionaire relationship

Are you well prepared to fall in love with a millionaire? Don't be scared by his status and throw away the traditional thoughts that millionaires are play-boys, they changes dating partners as often as changing clothes. They are many real millionaires looking for serious life partner relationship. SeekingWealthy is the best place to find these wealthy men. All you need is some techniques of millionaire dating.
Tell him clearly what's your purpose
It's the best policy to be frank with a millionaire. Just let them know why you are on this millionaire dating site and the reason you choose him rather than
others. The wealthy men looking for life time partner would like to meet someone is interested in him not only his asset.
Please confirm that you have checked his profile carefully before meeting offline. Try to find common words and be prepared for the chat.
It's not wise to be a gold digger
Money isn't everything although it can buy most of the things but don't let money signs replace the hearts of your eyes. Don't take "finances" as the conversation topic. He will talk about money when he feels comfortable. Discuss the long-term goals and find out you two have compatible characters.
Respect his living and working arrangements
We all know that millionaire men are busy. Most of them are entrepreneurs, CEOs and doctors. They'll have to spend many time to their thriving career. You have to be flexible and considerate when he needs to spend time at office.
Dress appropriately
It's very important to leave a good first impression. So please dress appropriately. It's not necessary to spend huge dollars on a new clothes
especailly for this occasion.However, please select carefully through what you already have. Please let him know that you are the kind of elegant woman who can accompany her to expensive restaurant, performances, and exlusive trips to the racetrack.
If you are already contacting a millionaire on SeekingWealthy, you are on the way. Keep in mind that meeting face to face can make your relationship step further. Be a lady and make him know that you can make his life better in every single day.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Custom in ancient Rome and Victorian times

 Now again is the time of Valentine's day. However, do you know the Valentine's day custom in ancient Rome and Victorian times? Today, I will share some interesting Valentine's day customs with every serious true lovers.

 For singles and romantic people, the Valentine's day is a day which need more caution. As it recorded by legend,you will be single all the year if the first people you saw walked alone on Valentine's day; You will definitely find your sweetheart if you see two people or more walked together; You wll marry before  "Christmas Day" if you see a rooster and a hen. However, there are few chicken appearing in today's courtyard, there will be no chicken in the downtown space. So it can reach the same effect if you can see one pair of pigeon or sparrow.

 People began to use two half-opened flowers to predict marriage status from the ancient Rome to Victoria era. The unmarried men and women plant two half-opened flowers, the first alphabet of the flower name must be same with the first letter of the couple's name. The couple will be happy all the life time if the two flower open crossly; The couple will split with each other if the flower open with opposite direction. The future family will have a flourishing population if the flower open in full bloom. If one of the two flowers languishes or die, then one of the couple will leave the world earlier.

 Bachelors pay much attention to the first people they meet in Valentine's day morning since you will marry the first people you meet on Valentine's day if you are single and looking the life partner or at least that people will play an important part in your life. If you are not shy, you can call the person of your heart in the morning and request taking his/her car to go to work.

 Single ladies believe that it they put shoes in a "T" shape and open the window,they will be likely to dream of the one on her heart or find him standing beside her bed. It has more successful rate in countryside since her suitors can peek the shoes from the window.

 Lovers in Italy believe that they will be blessed by God of love if they put "little love note" on the "Juliet love wall".

 Sing love song is one form to express love, sometimes men will propose marriage by singing love song, it will be more often to be seen on such special day like Valentine's day.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Speed Dating for Successful Singles Who have Little Time

Most of the successful people have one trouble in common—they have enough money but no enough time to enjoy life. In fact, almost all the successful singles devote most of their time to work but have little time to date and look for a life partner. They still keep single although more than 30th years old.

In a fast-paced world of today’s society, people don’t have time to wait to weed, they may want to jump start the process by meeting multiple singles in one place. That’s how the idea of speed dating comes out. Most of the speed dating events focused themselves on elite populations. For instance, a recent special events called 8 minutes datingmillionaire singles and hot girls are gathered to please rich men who want to date beautiful women. Men who applied to join must hand in $1000 application fee to prove their income (which for those more than 30 years old and must be $500,000 or more),in return, they have the chance to make choice among lots of beautiful women like fitness models, Hollywood celebrities. The cost for women to enter is very low, only $20.However, they must be good-looking, income and education is not important at all.

This event doesn’t forget wealthy women, either. They also brought together 20 rich women over 35 with 20 good looking younger men with the topic of “sugar mummy & boy toys".

Friday, October 11, 2013

Believe me! You can have a luxurious life too!

Every lady, no matter how old she is, all have a dream to live a luxury life . Unfortunately, not everyone are lucky enough to become overnight millionaires. Some ladies have beautiful and charming appearance, they are dreaming of marrying a millionaire to better their lives. I'd like to say God is so rich people's world and life. You must learn how to live a luxury life first from all aspects. Here are some useful tips.

1. Stop spending your money on crap. Many ladies love to go to T.J. Maxx and stock up. Actually,it's not a smart behaviour for you to dress luxuriously which is also very imporant (since how you dress may decide the first impression). The right thing to do is to save little money here and there to buy what you really need. Luxury is not quantity;it's the quality that matters.

2.Follow your passion and attend sommelier school. The small initial investment will enable you to exprience a whole different level of luxury life. You can taste a wine which is worhty thousands of dollars and say something like "Hhhmm....I think it's better to breath for a moment". What a luxury moment!

3. Still, you can make your mind luxurious by reading quality literature,appreaciating TV drama about nobility like "Downton Abbey" to see how nobility live their lives.

4.Spend more time in nature. There's nothing as luxurious as walking barefoot on a pebble road on a summer evening or a good hike in the woods.

5.Place fresh flowers in your home and welcome nature to come in.

6.To give is to be luxurious. When you give your money, time and energy, you are opening up space to allow abundance and luxury to flow into your life.

Of course, there are many other luxurious things you can do which I will not list here. I only want to make you have this thought. Luxury is yours to define. It has no business with hand-bags,a cute bell-boy or a pillow-top bed. Finally, I will say best wishes to those girls who want to be successful in millionaire dating. I hope this blog is useful to you. We can share the point of view about how to live a luxurious life.
generous to give them good look. However, it's not easy to integrate into

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Secret of Happy Marriage

What's marriage? Marriage is man and woman live together for a life time. Man marries for woman, woman marries for herself. The essence of marriage is mutual love, live wonderfully and continue lives. It's important for both man and woman to have a happy marriage. After all, you have to live together for many years.

So, what's the secret for happy marriage? You'd better have a look.

Childishness In fact, only childishness doesn't sleep, youth will last forever,love can be timeless. So it's better to keep a little more naive,simple mentality, own more hobbies, curiosities. You can be a gentleman on the outside,however, it is better to be a big kid when shutting the door.

Romance Do not think romance is flower, dancing and you can't be romantic when there's no time, no money. You should know the format of romance is colorful and diverse.

Intimacy It is found by scientific research that intimacy can improve the quality of family life. Lack of hugging and kissing during a long time will cause "skin hunger" and to cause "feeling hunger" furtherly.

Love each other The existence of marriage is based on love. In fact, many people can not fathom love, some say love is selfish, some say love is sacrificing. In fact, love is a kind of disbursement and it's unconditional. So love each other is the foundation of oath such as "life together for a life time".

For more tips about happy marriage, please continue to read my blog. Best Wishes for every one who has been married or is going to marry.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Date Millionaires

Every lady have a dream of marrying well. This is reasonable in such a substance society. We believe you are the most charming and beautiful lady all over the world, you deserve a decent and wealthy marriage. However, how to find a millionaire?

Work in the golf course. Almost all the wealthy personals love the golf since it's the symbol of fortune and success. Don't look down upon the female caddy. They are more likely to hook up a millionaire single than those White-collar who kill their times in the dull office. Be charming and sexy, play a cutie trick when picking up the ball. It's said that golf is a sport which is suitable for amativeness and flirting. How lucky if you are a female caddy since you are surrounded with rich men.

Attend exclusive cultural events. Take a walk along the theater district
if you are looking to date the richest singles. Rather find out about exclusive shows at some upscale theaters or movie premiers at some of the priciest theater halls.Then take some ways to approach them. It's very likely you will catch up a millionaire man from them.

High-cost restaurant.  If a man like to enjoy life, he must have a good taste of food. So expensive restaurant is another ideal place to meet rich guys. However the thing to remember with such exclusive dining destinations is that it may not always be easy to get a reservation and even when you manage to make an entry, you may find most of the male guests in company. Don’t let that get you down; you can always order a dessert or wait at the bar with a cocktail till an opportunity for an introduction comes along.

Some of my friends have married well using these methods. However, it's far above the only three methods. Be a careful lady. You will find there are many chances to meet millionaires in life.