Thursday, August 22, 2013

Date Millionaires

Every lady have a dream of marrying well. This is reasonable in such a substance society. We believe you are the most charming and beautiful lady all over the world, you deserve a decent and wealthy marriage. However, how to find a millionaire?

Work in the golf course. Almost all the wealthy personals love the golf since it's the symbol of fortune and success. Don't look down upon the female caddy. They are more likely to hook up a millionaire single than those White-collar who kill their times in the dull office. Be charming and sexy, play a cutie trick when picking up the ball. It's said that golf is a sport which is suitable for amativeness and flirting. How lucky if you are a female caddy since you are surrounded with rich men.

Attend exclusive cultural events. Take a walk along the theater district
if you are looking to date the richest singles. Rather find out about exclusive shows at some upscale theaters or movie premiers at some of the priciest theater halls.Then take some ways to approach them. It's very likely you will catch up a millionaire man from them.

High-cost restaurant.  If a man like to enjoy life, he must have a good taste of food. So expensive restaurant is another ideal place to meet rich guys. However the thing to remember with such exclusive dining destinations is that it may not always be easy to get a reservation and even when you manage to make an entry, you may find most of the male guests in company. Don’t let that get you down; you can always order a dessert or wait at the bar with a cocktail till an opportunity for an introduction comes along.

Some of my friends have married well using these methods. However, it's far above the only three methods. Be a careful lady. You will find there are many chances to meet millionaires in life. 


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