Friday, October 11, 2013

Believe me! You can have a luxurious life too!

Every lady, no matter how old she is, all have a dream to live a luxury life . Unfortunately, not everyone are lucky enough to become overnight millionaires. Some ladies have beautiful and charming appearance, they are dreaming of marrying a millionaire to better their lives. I'd like to say God is so rich people's world and life. You must learn how to live a luxury life first from all aspects. Here are some useful tips.

1. Stop spending your money on crap. Many ladies love to go to T.J. Maxx and stock up. Actually,it's not a smart behaviour for you to dress luxuriously which is also very imporant (since how you dress may decide the first impression). The right thing to do is to save little money here and there to buy what you really need. Luxury is not quantity;it's the quality that matters.

2.Follow your passion and attend sommelier school. The small initial investment will enable you to exprience a whole different level of luxury life. You can taste a wine which is worhty thousands of dollars and say something like "Hhhmm....I think it's better to breath for a moment". What a luxury moment!

3. Still, you can make your mind luxurious by reading quality literature,appreaciating TV drama about nobility like "Downton Abbey" to see how nobility live their lives.

4.Spend more time in nature. There's nothing as luxurious as walking barefoot on a pebble road on a summer evening or a good hike in the woods.

5.Place fresh flowers in your home and welcome nature to come in.

6.To give is to be luxurious. When you give your money, time and energy, you are opening up space to allow abundance and luxury to flow into your life.

Of course, there are many other luxurious things you can do which I will not list here. I only want to make you have this thought. Luxury is yours to define. It has no business with hand-bags,a cute bell-boy or a pillow-top bed. Finally, I will say best wishes to those girls who want to be successful in millionaire dating. I hope this blog is useful to you. We can share the point of view about how to live a luxurious life.
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