Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Secret of Happy Marriage

What's marriage? Marriage is man and woman live together for a life time. Man marries for woman, woman marries for herself. The essence of marriage is mutual love, live wonderfully and continue lives. It's important for both man and woman to have a happy marriage. After all, you have to live together for many years.

So, what's the secret for happy marriage? You'd better have a look.

Childishness In fact, only childishness doesn't sleep, youth will last forever,love can be timeless. So it's better to keep a little more naive,simple mentality, own more hobbies, curiosities. You can be a gentleman on the outside,however, it is better to be a big kid when shutting the door.

Romance Do not think romance is flower, dancing and you can't be romantic when there's no time, no money. You should know the format of romance is colorful and diverse.

Intimacy It is found by scientific research that intimacy can improve the quality of family life. Lack of hugging and kissing during a long time will cause "skin hunger" and to cause "feeling hunger" furtherly.

Love each other The existence of marriage is based on love. In fact, many people can not fathom love, some say love is selfish, some say love is sacrificing. In fact, love is a kind of disbursement and it's unconditional. So love each other is the foundation of oath such as "life together for a life time".

For more tips about happy marriage, please continue to read my blog. Best Wishes for every one who has been married or is going to marry.

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