Thursday, April 2, 2015

Australian Millionaire Matchmaking Company Points out Millionaire’s Mate Selection Standard: Gorgeous or Economically Independent

Please don’t think that wealthy single millionaires can easily find their life partners. Although they are handsome, rich, they still rely on millionaire match making company to introduce suitable mate to them since they are almost fully occupied by work. Tracey Langdon, founder of the “millionaire club” pints out that ladies who own attractive appearance or are economically independent are most able to attract the attention of a millionaire.

The 40-year-old millionaire Mike claims that he has very simple mate selection conditions according to report. He only requires a healthy, honest and down to earth lady. However, he is still single. They can’t date just like ordinary people since they are so busy at work.
Beauty and Big Diamond
Hoping to find suitable mate, Mike chooses an millionaire matchmaking company named “millionaires club” who specializing in solving marriage problems for millionaire

personals.  “ There are many factors which are more important than wealth when choosing spouses”, said by Mike. He does not require the other part being as wealthy as himself.

Regards to Mike’s choice, Langdon who have 7 years millionaire matchmaking experiences, points out that if Mike doesn’t require his spouse to be wealthy, then he’ll definitely hope she own very attractive appearance.  Langdon said that there are two kinds of ladies who can attract millionaires mostly. One kind is those gorgeous ladies who own very attractive appearances; the other is those who can be financially independent.

Langdon said, “some customers don’t care other part’s occupation, they are just simply looking for their favorite female. What’s more, such kind of ladies are usually very young and gorgeous; while other kind of customers hope to find women who are financially independent because their own economy will not be affected if their marriage splits.

It is worth mentioning that their other part’s financial status is more important than appearance for those rich single ladies when seeking spouses.